Worldwide Customers

We are so glad and grateful. It has been reached a vey appreciate achievement for us given by your everyday trust in our brand and products. Now, we are the largest company in the world that produces Ghillie Suit, with the widest range of Ghillie Models and Camouflage Patterns.

We had a so fast growth and we are getting bigger and bigger day by day.

We will continue to produce and develop our innovative Ghillie Suits and Multipurpose Shelters .

After gave birth to the new Era of Ghillie Suit and Camouflage, we just gave birth to a new framework of Multipurpose Universal Shelters for any kind of environment.We appreciate a lot to have very heterogeneous customers among Wildlife Photographers, Documentarists, Hunters, Park Rangers, Military personnel, Survivalists and Softgunners. Thanks you so much for these 3 years and for the long future in front of us.

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