Nigth Vision Goggle Tests 

ProApto Infra-Red Night Vision Goggle Ghillie Suit Comparative Effectiveness - ARMASIGHT

IR devices are more and more cheaper and common, thus their involvement is increasing in several scearios. Here below the whole testing report carried out in 6 different sections in manifolds environments in multiple comparison with other brands and in different light conditions.

Here  below instead, we have decided to get a cheap IR night vision scope and do a brief test. In the following pictures are shown a ProApto Ghilie in our Pattern n.10 made in Jute, and a british DPM as comparision parameters.

 Thermal Test 

ProApto Thermal Imaging - Ghillie Suit Effectiveness Test - FLIR

Here below are shown our video and photographic reports of several testing sessions involving our conventional Ghillie Suits made in Jute and Rafia. Make your own conclusions.

Resistence  Test 

Here below a stress test on our Ghilllies. All of our Ghillies are made using the same high-resistence nets.  This enable serious the durability and reliability even in the worse "shit happens" scenarios. 

 Water Retention  Test 

Here below test about water retention of our conventional Ghillies made in Jute and our Waterproof and Breathable Ghillies made in WIRC. The base of all of our Ghillies is made using a waterproof highly breathable hard mesh net, avoiding the use of fabric.

Weight  Test 

Here below are shown videos comparing the weights of different ProApto Ghillies and other old-style ghillie and leefsits. ProApto Ghillies are clearly the lightest Ghillie ever when compared to other brands and methodologies.

Functionality  Test

Some videos about mobility with ProApto Ghillies 

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