— Nigth Vision Goggle Tests —

Here below some images taken using different Night Vision Goggle with IR on and IR off.

IR devices are more and more cheaper and common, thus their involvement is increasing in several situations. So we have decided to get a cheap IR night vision scope and do a brief preliminar test.

In the following pictures are showed a ProApto Ghilie in our Pattern n.10 made in Jute, and a british DPM as comparision parameter.

Enviroment: Beech Woods
Season: Winter
Area: Central Italy (1400mt ) 

- Thermal Test -

Here below image taken with a Thermal Scope from a distance of roughly 250mt.

- Resistence  Test -

Here below contents concerning the durability and resistence of our Ghillies.

- Water Retention  Test -

Here below about water retention, our Ghillies are made without fabric, with a waterproof highly breathable hard mesh net.