Night Vision Goggles Tests 

ProApto Infra-Red Night Vision Goggles Ghillie Suit  - ARMASIGHT

IR devices are ever cheaper and more readily available, leading to their increasing involvement in several fields. Below is a 6-phase test report carried out in different environments and lighting conditions, and in comparison with other brands.

Below, we carried out a simple comparison test using a cheap IR night vision scope. The following pictures feature a side-by-side of a ProApto jute ghillie in Pattern n.10 and clothing in British DPM.

 Thermal Test 

ProApto Thermal Imaging - Ghillie Suit Effectiveness Test - FLIR

Featured below are photo and video reports of several testing sessions involving standard ProApto ghillie suits in jute and raffia. Draw your own conclusions.

Resistance Test 

Below, we subject one of our ghillies to a stress-test. All our ghillie suits are made of the same high-resistence netting material - their extreme durability makes them a reliable asset even in the worst scenarios. 

 Water Absorption Test 

Below, we subject our standard jute model and our waterproof, breathable WIRC ghillie to a water absorption test. To avoid the use of fabric, all our ghillies have a hard mesh netting base.

Weight Test 

In the following videos, we measure the weight of several ProApto ghillies against other ghillie and leaf suits. Compared to other brands and designs, ProApto ghillies are undeniably the lightest on the market.

Functionality Test

Watch these videos showcasing the mobility of ProApto ghillie suits. 

— Custom Requests —

Let us know if you require special materials or want us to run a specific test before you buy.