— Re-Forestation —

Nowadays the average of human beings during their life and after their death will leave on this planet just garbage and pollution as results of their existences. 

Garbage and Pollution are concurring variables that are affecting the progressive climate change and wildlife extinction, and deforestation is one of the main background variables that are leading us to a more and more close self-inflicted extinction. The 80% of the world's forests are already destroyed.

Each moment of our life we take from the earth numerous resources whom are contributing to this worldwide behavioural pattern. Tackle down this is a high priority. For that reason we use ecological material and we are trying to find the most ecologic approach and behaviour as possible. And so, now we have decided to do a further step to reduce worldwide pollution. Each product sold will plants a tree somewhere in the world via the partnership with onetreeplanted.

Each month we will make donations for each customer that we get, as will be planted a tree for each person that buy from us. Just today we made our first donation for April, and 7 trees will be planted in Ghana soon.

This is a way to give back something to the earth, and then directly do something real to reduce earth pollution.

We hope that this initiative will increase awareness and direct actions to try to save the planet.

Please Behave Ecologically