We have developed this innovative system that allows to see the entire visual field when you are wearing a ProApto Ghillie Suit. With our PVF Hood System you can regain your environment awarness without have blind spots. 

Our Ghillies are so different from conventional Ghillies. With a conventional Ghillie Suit,  your field of vision is significantly reduced to approximately 60°, restricting the lateral and peripheral fields that would be visible under normal conditions.  

This strongly affects your awareness of your surroundings, a crucial element when you are operating. Using a ProApto Ghillie Suit you can regain your normal field of vision, including the peripheral field, as though you were wearing no ghillie at all. 

With ProApto PVF Hood-System®, you can switch between Condition n.1 and Condition n.2 just by pulling a string. You can regain your environment awareness.