This innovative design ensures your field of vision stays clear when wearing a ProApto ghillie suit. Our PVF Hood System keeps your vision unobstucted, allowing you to maintain better awareness of your surroundings. 

Our ghillie design differs from standard ghillies. Your average ghillie suit reduces your field of vision to approximately 60°, blocking your peripheral view and affecting your ability to spot things you would normally be able to see.  

This can have a significant impact on your situational awareness, which is a crucial factor for operational effectiveness. ProApto ghillie suits give you your normal visual awareness (including peripheral view) - you'll forget you're wearing one at all.

With ProApto's PVF Hood-System®, you can switch between Condition n.1 and Condition n.2 by simply pulling or releasing a string. Maintain situational awareness at all times and stay focused.