these 3 pages are specifically concerning Ghillie Suits

We are the Inventors and the designers of the Versatile Multipurpose Ghillie Suit.

We are the only in the world who produce and sell Ghillie Suits and Multipurpose Ghillie Suits. We are the only to have Standardised Camouflage Patterns (at the moment are 17). 

We are Inventors and Designers of the Multipurpose Universal Concealable Shelters. The first shelter that can be concealed as a Ghillie Suit and used as a Hammock, a Tent, a Lean to Shelter or a Scottish Highland Great Kilt.

Important Premise and Policy 

please read carefully
  • Our Ghillies are Handmade, wire by wire, knot by knot, with Ecological and Italians materials.
  • All of our Ghillies are built on a Waterproof base net, that does not retain sweat and water. We decided to do not use fabric because it can easily rip. We replace it with a hard and lightweight net which does not get wet and does not breaks as fabric often does. Additionally our strong nets do not retain sweat and human smell.
  • All of our Ghillies are highly Breathable, suitable in hot weather, because are built directly on the net, without micro-mesh or bridal veils. This maximise air circulation.
  • All of our Ghillies are highly Packable, easy to carry and Lightweight, in average from 300gr to 1200gr.
  • All of our Ghillies are provided of our PVF (Peripheal Visual Field) Hood System®, system that we developed in order to re-gain your normal Visual Field while using our Ghillies. Thanks to this system blind spots are avoided while operating.
  • All of our Ghillie can be provided of several elastic bands, in order to add natural vegetation, a basilar and crucial aspect for Ghillie Suit uses.
  • All of our Ghilles have Universal Sizing, particularly the Multipurpose models.
  • All of our Multipurpose Ghillies can bear animals (as prayed ungulates) or human weight, given their high resistance. Our Ghillies are designed to be Versatile and Multipurpose for intense activities in the Nature.
  • Materials and Camouflage Patterns are tested and standardized directly in the Nature.
  • All of our Products are produced in Italy, with the lower achievable impact on the environment, using the most Ecologic solution as possible.
  • Our Multipurpose Shelters (Hammocks and Tents) are heavily tested in real environmental conditions as Alpine winter environments.
  • All of our bags and backpacks are handcrafted in Italy by our partner Zeta Tailoring.
  • Reforestation: Each product sold will plant a Tree somewhere in the World.
  • We have from 8 to 18 production slots per month. The awaiting time after the payment are from 10 to 90 days. Customers are used to pay and book a production slot 2 months in advance. We allow to return a product after 60 days the delivery. Shipping are due to customer. Money back except the shipping costs are due after the product is back to our laboratory in the same condition as it left. Variations on weight and original conditions will not allow the refund.
  • The same ProApto products sold to the Armies are sold to private civilians, we do not have restrictions.
  • At the moment nobody returned a ProApto product