Testudo Multipurpose Backpack Cover®

Testudo Multipurpose Backpack Cover® (Multipurpose Ghillie Foundation Backpack Cover) is a concealable multipurpose backpack cover that can serve as a wildlife-spotting shelter, a hammock chair, a suspended platform or to transport hunted game. We currently produce two models: Testudo V1 ® in 50D nylon ripstop polyester with a sewn-on paracord grid allowing for the insertion natural vegetation and camouflage materials, and Testudo V2 ® , the implemented version with a nylon ripstop waterproof layer. Available in Olive Green and Pencott Greenzone.

Testudo V3 and V4 are produced in Pencott Snowdrift 50D nylon ripstop. Testudo V4 is sheathed with an outer layer of waterproof nylon ripstop. 

CHRYSALIS® Multipurpose Concealable Universal Shelter

Chrysalis is the result of a 26-month design and testing process in all types of environment. This Multipurpose Concealable Universal Shelter was designed to provide hikers, hunters, military personnel and climbers with an extremely lightweight and versatile shelter suited to all terrains and weather conditions and guaranteeing a high degree of concealment. The shelter is constructed of two layers of waterproof and windproof fabric. The lower part is in gore-tex ripstop, overlayed externally with DWR-treated nylon ripstop fabric. A sewn-on paracord grid allows for the addition of natural or artificial vegetation. The upper part is made in sil-poly PU4000 fabric. This too is overlaid with DWR-treated nylon ripstop and features the same paracord grid as the lower portion, granting full concealability.

The two parts can be detached and used separately, or joined together by YKK high-resistance zippers. The two main configurations of this shelter are a hammock and a one-man bivy tent. The overall weight is 1.6kg, packable size being 25x20x35 cm.

Additionally, Chrysalis can serve as a spotting shelter or be worn as a great kilt. This latter configuration affords protection from the elements in unforeseen circumstances.

On request, Chrysalis can be produced in camouflage patterns or solid colour.

HIGHLANDER® Multipurpose Shelter

We launched the Highlander Multipurpose Shelter after an 18-month testing process in a mountain environment. This camouflage shelter's main purpose is to provide the alpinist or high altitude hunter with a versatile shelter that will protect them from the elements and offer a safe sleeping space. When not in use, it can be worn as a great kilt.

The Highlander Multipurpose Shelter can serve as a wildlife-spotting shelter, a hammock in wooded areas, or for concealment in snowy conditions. It can also be worn as a great kilt.

This Multipurpose Shelter weighs 400gr and is both waterproof and windproof. The external layer is in 50D Nylon ripstop overlaid with ripstop PU4000 waterproof fabric or (on request) gore-tex waterproof breathable ripstop.

On request, the Highlander can be produced in camouflage patterns or solid colour.