Multipurpose Ghillie Cape Shelter® 1

Multipurpose Ghillie. Designed for wildlife photography, it breaks the outline of the head and shoulders and conceals the back.

Minimum weight 450gr (rafia version), 950gr (jute version).  Easy to compress into a pouch or bag.

Multipurpose Uses:

Can be converted into a suspeded shelter such as a hammock-chair or a suspended platform. Also converts into a shelter for stealth camping and a spotting shelter to observe wildlife. Can function as an emergency litter or to transport hunted game.

Multipurpose Ghillie Cape Shelter® 2 LL

A larger version of Cape Shelter 1. Shelter 2 is 1.50mt x 1.20mt , with the same uses and features of Shelter 1, except it also covers the upper arms and thighs. It can serve as a small hammock. Shelter 2 weighs 600gr (rafia version) and 1200gr (jute version). It's a popular choice with army snipers due to its versatility and the body area it covers.

Multipurpose Ghillie Cape Cobra Hood®

A minimalist Multipurpose Ghillie designed for wildlife photography. It conceals the head and shoulders, breaking up and rounding off the human silhouette  (in the same fashion as Shelter1, Shelter2 and the Ghillie Cape Hammock).


Weighs between 300gr and 800gr. Extreme packability, it can even fit  inside a medical pouch.

Multipurpose Uses:

Can double as a backpack cover or a wildlife-spotting net to conceal a camera and its operator. 

Stalking Hood® - (ProApto Viper Hood)

The Stalking Hood is our version of the classic Viper Hood. Our redesign boasts improved features and a longer back for better coverage. As part of this new and improved Viper Hood design, we avoided fabric entirely, as it can easily rip and get wet, and replaced it with lightweight netting. The mesh base is extra-resistant, highly breathable and waterproof, and as such does not absorb sweat or get wet. In addition, it is MOLLE-compatible, allowing you to attach small pouches, radios, knives and binoculars to the chest area.


Weighs between 350 and 850gr. Can be transported inside a pouch or draped over a backpack.
In addition, ProApto's Stalking Hood  is a modular item that, combined with a Multipurpose Ghillie Cape Shelter 1, forms a Multipurpose Modular Stalking Suit (MMSS), a stalking suit that conceals a large portion of the body, as well as backpacks of several sizes.

Lastly, the Stalking Hood can be fitted with a modular back extension and sleeve extensions.

Multipurpose Modular Stalking Suit - MMSS -

Stalking Hood + Ghillie Cape Shelter 1

Stalking Hood + back extension

The Stalking Hood + detachable back extension provide the same body coverage as a standard "cobra hood" style ghillie (head, shoulders, back).

   Human silhouette disruption with ProApto's Stalking Hood and ProApto's Cobra Hood 

Multipurpose Ghillie Cape Hammock®

A Multipurpose Ghillie designed for long-distance wildlife photography expeditions spanning over multiple days. This device offers full concealment of the body + a large backpack (50LT and up).

Weight is 1100gr (rafia version) and 2300gr (jute version). It can be compressed to the size of a large sleeping bag (approximately 60x40x30cm).

This Ghillie conceals you and your backpack at all times, whether you be on the move during the day or camped down at night. The Ghillie Cape Hammock is a wearable concealed sleeping system, converting into a Camouflaged Ghillie Hammock to sleep in.
It can also convert into a spotting shelter or a suspended platform, and function as an emergency stretcher or to transport hunted game.

Full Body Ghillie Suit - Wookie Suit® 

A full body two-piece Ghillie Suit. The upper piece is a ProApto Viper Hood Ghillie with added back extension, long sleeves and a Dorsal Hand Ghillie Cover. The lower piece consists of ProApto's Modular Ghillie Overtrousers with added Side and Back Ghillie Boot Covers.

This Wookie Suit conceals 70% of the body, including the hands and feet. It is modular and breathable, suitable for all types of clothing in every season. The Ghillie Overtrousers are fully adjustable and allow for easier crawling, as they do not cover or restrict the inner leg (the body part most involved in crawling) or the front as standard ghillie trousers usually do. The Wookie Suit is fairly breathable, being manufactured with the same materials and techniques as our other Ghillies.

The Wookie Suit is custom made, tailored to our customer's size and uses. 

Wookie Suit Overtrousers® 

ProApto Stalking Veil

All our Ghillies can be fitted with a detachable Stalking Veil. The Stalking Veil reduces your field of vision by roughly 30%, but can be fully adjusted by attaching it higher or lower to the netting of the ProApto Ghillie. The Stalking Veil is made of lightweight, elastic, hard mesh mosquito netting integrated with camouflage materials (jute, rafia, 3D waterproof bandages) to break up facial features. The Stalking Veil is compatible with all ProApto Ghillies and does not interfere with our PFV Hood System. It can be worn loose, or snug against the forehead for clearer vision.

Ghillie Covers

We produce Ghillie covers for everything from rifles to spotting scopes, cameras and tripods, as well as vehicles and shelters.