Multipurpose Bag 1

In order to carrie our Ghillie Suit with a specific but even a multipurpose bag, we have designed a Multipurpose Bag to bear one Ghillie such as a Shelter 2LL or a Rafia Ghillie Cape Hammock, or two Ghillies, such as a Viper Hood and a Ghillie Cape Shelter 1. The ProApto Multipurpose Bag 1 can be also used for several other purposes, even as a back pack extention, a day rucksack and a dufflebag. 

The Bag is designe by ProApto and produced by Zeta Tailoring. It will be produced in Greenzone (PenCott Camouflage), Multicam, OD and CoyoteBrown, on demand other solid coulors or patterns.