Multipurpose Bag 1

In order to carrie our Ghillie Suit with a specific but even a multipurpose bag, we have designed a Multipurpose Bag to bear one Ghillie such as a Shelter 2LL or a Rafia Ghillie Cape Hammock, or two Ghillies, such as a Viper Hood and a Ghillie Cape Shelter 1. The ProApto Multipurpose Bag 1 can be also used for several other purposes, even as a back pack extention, a day rucksack and a dufflebag. 

The Bag is designed by ProApto and produced by Zeta Tailoring. Available in Greenzone (PenCott Camouflage), Multicam, OD and CoyoteBrown, on demand other solid culours or patterns.

We produce also a smaller version of it: the Multipurpose Bag 2, have a check to our catalog price-list in this website.

 Deployment Bag "T O R P E D O" 

A bag when you are deployed or  flying or moving away... or climbing too... or laundry too...

Very simple design. 1000D Cordura and 80cm of YKK zip, a couple of shoulder straps. This bag is designed to store gear and equipment. Highly packable in a A4 format of 3 cm of thickness. Dimensions: 90cm of circumpherence x 1mt

Tactical Backpack "S A R C I N A"

A versatile backpack of modular internal capacity between 20lt to 30lt. Additional external load can be added increasing the overall carrying capacity to 60lt. This backpack is designed for general outdoor activities and urban use as well. It can follow you for brief deployement of maximum 72h. Easy open access to the main section is allowed by two full-zip which disclose the inside. Interna MOLLE straps can enhance gear organization and reachability.