Choosing a ghillie suit is no easy task. There are several factors to consider and we advise you consult us regarding the intended purpose of the suit and the type of terrain you'll use it in so we can assist you in determining which model, materials and colours best suit your needs. We don't feel the traditional e-commerce transaction model fits the spirit and philosophy of our handcrafted ghillie suits, which is why we don't sell our products through this website.

If you're interested in buying a ProApto ghillie suit, shoot us a private message on our Facebook page (ProApto - Multipurpose Camouflage Systems and Shelters)  or get in touch by e-mail at .

Our premade items (bags, backpacks, shirts, hammocks) have short shipping times. Our ghillies are crafted and shipped approximately 20-90 days after receipt of payment.

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Shoot us an email to place an order, pre-order your ghillie suit or support our Reforestation Project.