Produce or buy a Ghillie Suit is not matter of impulsiveness, it require a proper assessment and technical consulting regardings materials, ghillie models and colouration pattern, in order to evaluate the best solution in relation to the environments of use and the mode of use. For this reason we do not sell our Ghillies from our website, avoiding an e-commerce modality that does not fit with the uses and the nature of Handcrafted Ghillie Suit.

If you are interested in a ProApto Ghillie Suit, contact us via private message on our Facebook page (ProApto - Multipurpose Camouflage Systems and Shelters) or via e-mail (

Other products like bags, backpacks, shirts and hammocks can be purchased quckier than our Ghillies which are produced and shipped between 20-90 days after payments.

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