Our standardised patterns are directly tested into the environment. 

Each colour is studied in its relation with the nature, in several spots, in order to assess the best blending capacity of each tone. Then, each standardised pattern is tested in several environments as to evaluate its versatility capabilities since to achieve the most reasonable multiadaptive effectiveness regardless the environment the pattern is developed for.

With our standardised Patterns we cover any kind of environment and season. Each Ghillie model and each Multipurpose Shelter can be produced with any of these following Patterns. 

our 16 Standardised Camouflage Patterns

here below our most sold  and versatile Patterns

Pattern n.2 - MULTILAND:

A versatile pattern, it works properly in several environments, from arid open fields to mid-woods and mountain environment. It has good adaptability across seasons.  In Very green areas it requires a plenty addition of vegetation to achieve a good concealment. In northern emisphere it may struggle to achieve proper concealment at baseline requiring mud baths or good amount of  vegetation. Multiland is moslty for temperate and arid biomes.

Pattern n.3 - GREENZONE (PenCott inspired) :

Pattern inspired by PenCott Camouflage GreenZone pattern. We developed it for very green grassy areas, such as evergreen mountain woods, green open field, mountain ridges in summer time and northern woods. It can be also implemented with any of our camouflage fibers.  Despite its very green looking it has a good adaptability also in woods characterised by broad leaves also in Autumn, in spite grass is everywhere.


Pattern developed specifically for Mountain environment, from a woods to a mountain ridge. It was designed for  transitions of kilometers for hunting and wildlife montitoring purposes. It is highly versatile and works effectively at different latitudes. It has excellent effectivenes at baseline is in northern boreal woods and in Mountain ridges around 2000 meters of altitude. It can be implemented with any of our camouflage fibers. 

Pattern n.10 - MT-27 Multiland-Transistion:

Substantially Pattern n.10 is a Multiland Pattern with the addition the mid-tone Brown of the Pattern n.7, for this reason it is the intermidiate step between the Pattern n.2 Multiland (lighter) and the Pattern n.7 Transition (darker). Pattern n.10 MT-27 is made by the three most universal coulors to conceal in Nature: Tan, a mid-tone Brown and the Olive Green. It is designed for transitions of kilometers and to be adaptable across multiple environments and seasons. A good versatile choice for temperate biomes.

Pattern n.6 - SNOW - Waterproof/Breathable Leaf-suit:

Pattern developed specifically for Winter Alpine, Artic and Snowy areas. It is fully waterproof and breathable, and it is not made with Jute or Raphia, because they can get wet and freeze in icy and snowy areas, increasing the weight of the Ghilie. However, it can be also implemented with addition with any of our camouflage fibers. This Ghillie disrupts the shadow of human siluette on white meadows and ridges.

Pattern n.15 - Realtree Xtra Waterproof/Breathable Leaf-suit:

Pattern developed specifically for broad-leaved woods, particurlarly during Autumn and Winter. It is made using stripes of Realtree Xtra waterproof fabric. We are used to add also our Wide Rafia which emulates perfectly a mid-tone shade of dry leaves typical of fall season. Deer and Turkey hunters highly appreciate it for it wateroproofness and the capabilities to retain less smell than Jute or Rafia.

Pattern n.9 - Broad-leaved Woodland Leaf-suit:

Pattern developed specifically fro broad-leaved woodlands in spring and summer. However, the baseline of the pattern works extremelly well in winter as well given the Ivy and Oak shades of WIRC fabric. Pattern n.9 is a fully waterproof and breathable leafsuit, fully IR compliant both under passive and active Infra-Red illumination. The pattern n.9 is particurlarly lighweight, the Ghillie shown in the picture has a weight of 650gr. Additionally, The material get not stuck in the bush as cotton and mesh fabric and does not loose the 3D shape of depth.

Camouflage Materials for Ghillie Suit:

Each Pattern can be implemented with other camouflage materials like Rafia, Wide Rafia, Sisal and fabric stripes. 

Pattern n.1, n.2, n.3, n.7 and n.10 can be produced completely using Rafia. (Pattern n.3 was developed mainly to be made in Rafia rather than Jute).

On demand are designed and developed custom patterns for any kind of environment and season. However, further solution are unlikely more suitable than our already developed 16 patterns.

Here on the right are displayed our camouflage materials: Jute, Rafia, Wide Rafia, Sisal and non-ecologic waterproof fabric. Any Pattern can be implemented with them.

JUTE: is highly lightweight, infact, compared to other fibers (for example cotton), Jute can increase the volume of a Ghillie still maintaining a low weight.  Therefore, it is ideal in disrupting the human siluette of head and shoulders reducing the depth between the neck and the deltoids. Moreover, Jute is hihgly silent, even with strong and sudden movements it makes no sound, so is suitable for hunting or wildlife photography and obviously military use as well. Jute is the intermediate step between thin and wide shapes,  since it is capable of higher versatility.

RAFIA: Rafia emulate grass and it is effective in several environments due its natural shapes. We use several tone of Ecologic Raphia dyed with Ecological methods. Ghillie Suit made in full raphia are lighter and more breathable than Ghillies made in Jute. In grassy environment Raphia works better than Jute, but out of a grassy areas can be less versatile than Jute.  A negative feature of rafia is that it makes noises, it requires proper movements and awareness. 

SISAL: It is a vegetal Ecological fiber from Canapa, we use reddish Sisal. Reddish Sisal emulate dry leaves and grass typical of Autumn season and arid and desertic areas. 

It is fiarly versatile and works effectively in several environments because it reflecting the light in same way of natural vegetation. As it has an excellent blending into the environment.

ProApto Sisal is available also in a tan shade typical of arid grass and flowers.

WIDE RAFIA: ProApto Wide Rafia is an ecological Rafia Fiber which emulate wide dry leaves typical of Autumn Season or dry areas. Wide Rafia differs from usual Rafia because it is wider and it emulates leaves and small sticks. Similarly to Rafia, Wide Rafia is noisy if compared to Jute. However, with a proper awareness and movements the noise produced by movements can be easily managed. Addition of Wide Rafia could restrict the versatility of your Ghillie to specific areas characterised by wide leaves.

CAMOUFLAGE MESH: ProApto Camouflage Mesh is a thin layer of mesh that is properly cut and crafted can emulate broad-leaves typical of deciduous woods. It is a nylon base mesh made of the same fabric of our Ghillie Stalking Veil. It is highly breathable and under Infra-Red light works well almost at the same level of ProApto Jute and ProApto Rafia and Wide Rafia. A Ghillie Suit made in Camouflage Mesh will be highly specific for deciduous woods (like a leaf-suit) and will not allow transitions across multiple areas and environments, this restrict the versatility of your Ghillie to specific areas characterised by wide leaves. 

W-IR-C fabric: Waterproof - InfraRed - Camouflage (WIRC) fabric is the lighweight fabric (190gr per squared meter) we developed years ago in order to build our Leafsuits. WIRC ensures waterproofness, breathablity (thankfully to our net bases) and lightweighteness. WIRC has a pretty solid texture which will endure to abrasion and it will never loose 3D shape even when wet or compressed. Moreover, it does not get stuck in vegetation as meshes and ctton. WIRC is in IR colours, namely under infra-red devices (both active and passive) it reflects as the same as the sorrounding natural environment. WIRC is available in 6 colours (Ivy, Oak, Olive, Brown, cold white, warm white).

here below some video effectiveness of our Patterns at very close range...

other Patterns

In this last section of this page are displayed videos concerning certain phases of our development of our Camouflage Patterns and some comparisons between different materials. We strongly suggest to read this other section of our website for more awareness and understanding of our work and approach.

A video example of how we are testing the effectiveness of 3 colours of dyed Jute, and of our reddish Sisal fibers. 

Leaf-suits? Jute? Rafia? Bridal veils?  What is the best material to build a Ghillie Suit? Easy answer: just check below...

W-IR-C and water...

our Rafia effectiveness...