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"... We needed a camouflage system that was easily transportable on long hikes and alpine ascents and would allow us to approach the wildlife very closely to observe and photograph it in its natural environment. The best camouflage system is the ghillie suit, but it's generally difficult to fit a ghillie into a pouch, and its volume and weight make it a very cumbersome addition to your gear. Moreover, carrying a single-function item the size of a ghillie suit is impractical, and the standard suit (constructed on a base layer of fabric, such as a uniform or other specific apparel) can limit the breathability of the specialised clothing underneath and reduce your enjoyment of the outdoor experience.

To meet these needs, we developed a new concept: a three-dimensional camo system or, in other words, a completely new type of ghillie suit. We call it the Multipurpose Ghillie Suit. A versatile tool with multiple uses, it can be converted into a suspended shelter, such as a hammock or a hammock chair, or a wildlife spotting shelter. Our ghillies are designed to be lightweight, easily compressed into a pouch, fully breathable and suitable for hot weather and all other weather conditions, without affecting the functionality of your specialised clothing. 
To achieve this, we intentionally avoided using fabric. Standard ghillie suits with a fabric base can get wet and rip easily. We developed a pioneering concept to overcome this issue, replacing fabric with sturdy, lightweight, fully waterproof netting. Compared with conventional fabric-based suits, our net-based ghillie suits have improved tactical features (lightweightness, breathability, waterproofness, packability) .
We originally developed this product for personal use and tested it extensively over several years in the great outdoors. Our environmental awareness drives us to create our products using as many eco-friendly materials as possible..."

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