Regarding Camouflage, Humand Perception and Ghillie Suit:

The perception of objects and shapes is determinated by the mental organization of environment elements, employed by the brain.

The human brain is led to perceive shapes and figures in contrast with the background, due to an automatic, innate mechanism that defines the laws of human perception. The Ghillie Suit works extremely well in natural environments, as it breaks the human shape and interferes with the innate perception mechanism of environment reconstruction.

The Ghillie Suit's effectiveness can be scientifically explained by Gestalt, one of the major schools and approaches of experimental Psychology. Gestaltists postulate that perception is the product of complex interactions among various stimuli through which the mind creates a self-organized "Global Whole". This self-organized "Global Whole" is affected by several specific laws of human perception, that can help explain why and how Ghillie Suits work. It is worth mentioning the fundamental principle of Gestalt perception:

- Law of Emergence: also known as the Law of Prägnanz or Law of Good Gestalt, it states that perception of an object from the background depends on its relevance, namely, the contrast between the objects and the background. When contrast is minimal the figure does not emerge from the background- this is the first variable of camouflage. Using a Ghillie with the same colouring as the surrounding environment thus significantly reduces emergence, increasing camouflage, as the object is perceived as a part of a whole, at one with the environment. 

Other laws work with the Law of Emergence: 

- the Law of Similarity: the elements within an assortment of elements are perceptually grouped and merged together into a "Global Whole", if they are similar enough. That's why, by emulating the colouring and the caotic shapes of nature, the Ghillie Suit blends almost perfectly into its surroundings, and is perceived by the mind as a natural part of the environment. Rafia and Sisal effectiveness is a clear example of this.

- the Law of Continuity: Elements tend to be grouped together and integrated into a perceptual "Global Whole" if they are aligned within an object or another element (such as a bush or a tree). This is what takes place when using a Ghillie to hide near a bush, on the ground in the grass or near dead leaves.

Therefore, the Gestalt Psychological approach to human perception helps understand why and how Ghillie Suits work within the environment, and can provide remarkable insight into the best way to conceal oneself with a Ghillie suit.